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Photocopiers are exposed to violence

Not all can brag of that communicate on you with office technics which has lately taken the strong place in offices of various firms. That it is necessary to do to the clerk, if the damned copier does not wish to work, chews a paper and gives out not clear messages? Only to kick in a fit of temper the obstinate device
Firm Hewlett - Packard has interviewed among the Canadian consumers of the production which results have appeared rather curious. It appears, every tenth of interrogated admitted that, dealing with the photocopier, time and again was flippant with hands also to feet, venting the anger by the dumb car when that refused to execute commands given to it. And 30 % of respondents recognised that they repeatedly had a desire properly to kick the obstinate device, but they constrained the impulse.
the Employee of firm on repair of the copy equipment from Montreal Valery Kroford says that such vyplesk emotions arises from - that many simply are not able to use technics correctly. they try to change kartridzhy, something is obligatory confusing thus, put in trays a paper with paper clips, press unnecessary buttons and after that complain that the device does not work, moreover and in a fit of temper thrash on in what not to the guilty car! - is indignant with Mrs. Kroford.
the Representative of firm Hewlett - Packard Jean - Pol Desmar so has summed up results of the research conducted by them: 5 million Canadians repeatedly had a desire to vent the anger on the photocopier, having struck on it properly, but further desire is not has gone, while 2 million did not constrain the impulses, and how much in vain metelili poor devices.