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Five years` children will judge for an unsuccessful gift

the School teacher from Chile has brought an action on two five years` girls, accusing their act of vandalism in relation to its car. The woman has not estimated an ornament which juvenile artists have scratched on a car covering.
girls Zajra and Frantsiska have shown not hefty talent and patience, vytsarapyvaja a hairpin for hair intricate patterns by the car of favourite teacher Sandry Belief. That at the teacher does not remain shades of doubts in the one whom she should thank for so prijatyj a surprise, babes have signed work. Near to florets and hearts they nakarjabali also the names.
I for what have not believed that all this nightmare my schoolgirls if has not seen their names have done. And, while they were engaged in the arts, parents were nearby and could not track that at all that their offsprings create! - the Belief is indignant with Ms.
Parents of girls, in turn, do not see anything criminal in an act of children. the teacher suits a storm in a teacup. After all girls did not want to offend it or to play any dirty trick. Them moved the best promptings - mum Zajry speaks. But suffered does not want anything to hear in the justification and demands indemnification for the damage caused to the car. She considers that mums of girls are obliged to pay the penalty for disgraceful behaviour of the daughters.
business will obey in primary court of the city of Talkahuano.
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