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The president of Malawi ghosts

attack the Ghosts which are to the president of Malawi Bingu Va Mutarika at night in image of rodents, compel it to leave every evening the magnificent residence in state Lilongve capital.
the Assistant to the head of the state has informed that Bingu Va Mutarika is compelled to leave for the night the 300 - room residence and to come back in it only to light time of days as it seems to the president that on it rodents all night long creep. However, when it turns on the light, it appears that in a room anybody is not present. According to other assistant the heads of the state who are in the dark to Mutariku not clear phantoms deprive of the president of a dream and composure.
the Malawian authorities have addressed to Christian priests with the request to expel evil ghosts from a building. The adviser of the president for religious questions of Malani Mtonga has told that its colleagues have asked for this purpose priests of several Christian churches to pray in a building to expel evil ghosts.
people in opposition adjusted in relation to present president see the reason of its misfortune that it has not constrained pre-election pledges about reduction of the governmental expenses and has taken place in the most expensive residence of the country constructed by first president Kamuzu the Gang. The building lasting of 20 years, has managed in 100 million dollars.
however when to the power Bakili Muluzi has come to Malawi, predecessor Mutarika, he has refused to live in this residence in conditions indecent riches . Its successor, despite the promises to cut down expenses, has lodged in these magnificent apartments and ostensibly does not notice that its subordinates have even no building for carrying out of meetings.
Members of its parliament should rent specially premises for the sessions. Moreover, from - for absence of means once they have been compelled to remove stadium for meeting carrying out, and members of parliamentary committees conferred in motel.
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