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The American policemen collect scraps

Scientists from the American National university in La - Jolle, the State of California, have offered policemen a new method of identification of criminals by means of bits.
experts have come to a conclusion that on some products DNA of the person containing in a saliva, therefore after examination of the scraps left many American offenders on a scene of crime very well remains, it is possible to establish the person of the criminal with ease.
according to experts, the highest chances of revealing of DNA arise in case the person has bitten off a piece of cheese, carrots, an apple or a pizza. It is the most difficult to carry out the similar analysis in a case with chocolate. Truth it is necessary to recognise, as chocolate scraps come across most less often.
the idea of the given research has appeared after in the USA robberies in which process thieves left bits and scraps on a scene of crime even more often began to be fixed. In some cases the police managed to identify criminals, using DNA - the analysis of its saliva.
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