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Dee Kaprio trains the person before a mirror

the Well-known Hollywood handsome man Leonardo di Caprio, which prokatili at last ceremony of delivery of the most prestigious film award Oscar it appears, it was in advance ready to failure and even specially trained before a mirror a smile of the lost.
Leonardo was put forward on Oscar for execution of the main man`s role of Howard Hagesa in a film the Pilot . But as a result, as well as it was supposed, the American film academicians have awarded this high award to its contender Dzhejmi Fox, played legendary jazz singer Reja Charles in a biographic film Rej .
According to Dee Kaprio, he at all was not surprised and was not afflicted, when Dzhejmi Fox`s name has been declared, after all that was the obvious favourite. Moreover, later the actor has shared rather juicy detail. It appears, he has decided to be prepared for this moment in advance to meet loss adequately and not to lose the face. For this purpose Leonardo persistently practised before a mirror. I knew that chambers will steadfastly watch expression of my person when the winner will be declared, and did not want, that they have taken me unawares - the actor has told and has in summary added: And those who confirm, as if never train before a mirror, - is simple liars .
we Will remind that the absolute favourite of last ceremony of delivery Oscar there was a tape the Babe on one million Klinta Eastwood, telling story of the girl - the boxer. The film has received an award as the best picture, a prize to Eastwood as to the best director, a prize for a role of the second plan for Morgan Frimana and an award for Best Actress for Hillari Suonk.
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