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Hockey players scoff at Dick Cheney

Number wishing to laugh over an oversight of the vice-president of the USA Dick Cheney who has hit on hunting of the friend instead of a duck, increases every day. So, the American ice-hockey team of the second league plans to distribute on the games bright orange hunting waistcoats with an inscription: “not to shoot, I the person!”.
this idea has come to mind to the president of command The Las Vegas Wranglers (”Las - Vegas Renglers”), playing Hockey league of East coast. The club management has decided to take a maximum of benefit from an error of the politician and to make to itself excellent publicity.“ It is too good occasion not to use it. Now game will turn in some kind of show event - business ”, - the president of club Bill Johnson marks.
according to plan of organizers, action will take place this Friday, and on it will be rozdano about 1000 playful waistcoats. Game will pass under the motto“ the Hunting night Dick Cheney ”. The Las Vegas Wranglers will battle to command Alaska Aces on seven-thousandth arena in New Orleans.
we will remind that last month Dick Cheney known for the love to small arms, during hunting for ducks has casually hit the friend. A companion has received small wounds in fraction in a cheek, a throat and a breast. Fortunately for the victim, nearby it has appeared doctors who have rendered at once first aid and have brought it to hospital.
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