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The Pole have arrested for the Internet - a confessional for Catholics

the Inhabitant of Poland is waited by the big troubles after he has created a site on the Internet, offering to confess he - a line. Such services Catholics which on any reasons a lack of time to descend in church could use.
37 - summer Pole Boris with a loud surname Caesar has developed a site on which main page it has been written: Welcome to a virtual confessional . Having come on a site, it was possible to see the following: Now write your sins against the Lord. You repent of them? (Yes/no) you want them to correct? (Yes/no) .
After the answer to these questions the visitor was offered to pass to the following page: We connect you to the Lord, please, wait your sins are transferred we Congratulate, your sins are released .
it is necessary to notice that the authorities have not estimated Boris`s so ardent attempt to help lazy Catholics. The site has been closed, and the author is threatened with prison or, at best, a heavy fine for an insult of religious feelings.
I the Catholic also go on a confession, as all. I did not want anybody to offend - Boris has tried to justify.