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Men of more women need teddy bears

to Sleep in obnimku with a teddy bear prefer more men, than the woman, has shown recently conducted research. 20 % of men admitted that hug a soft toy during a dream. For women this indicator has appeared less - 15 %.
as the Initiator of the given research the network of hotels Travelodge, since recent time offering to the numbers new service Cuddilow - the big long pillow with " has acted; hands . This innovation has concerned hotels in Newcastle, Durhame, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham.
poll spent among 2000 persons, has revealed also other curious results. 63 % have told that it is difficult to them to fall asleep without embraces favourite. 8 % of women admitted that in night of loneliness splash on a pillow and night clothes loson after shaving which their beloved use. However the same way was preferred only by 3 % of men.
to Troy from five interrogated feel lonely when sleep without the partner. From them of 16 % have told that it is difficult to them to fall asleep, and 9 % - that it are terrible.
also authors of research have found out, what celebrities people most of all would like to compress in the embraces. The most part of a man`s half interrogated has told that Anzhelinu Jolie. Women as it has appeared, dream of Johnny Depp.