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The Indian policemen will smell as colours and a citrus

the Authorities of India have taken care of image of policemen, having decided to make its more attractive. Representatives of the law and order of state of Gujarat will soon carry the new uniform which is smelling sweet as colours and a citrus.
the majority of policemen look slovenly and sweaty after criminal cases, - Somesh Singh, the worker of National institute of design in the city of Ahmedabah, at the desire of the government engaged in working out of the new police form has told. - it is quite clear that very few people dreams to meet them on the way. However if the police form looks well and it is pleasant to smell, people will be with bolshej hunting to come nearer to them .
the New form for 300 000 guards of the law and order will be ready within the next several months. It will be made of a clap with use of fragrant furnish and special optical drawing which will be shone in the dark. Thus, pleasantly smelling policemen can be noticed easily even at night.
developers of clothes guarantee that the tasty smell will not disappear even after washing as the fragrance was added in the course of clap clearing.
policemen, having learnt about the new action, have concerned it with the big pleasure. we were tired some years to carry the same brown uniform from a rough clap with a wide belt and plastic badges. If the new uniform helps us to be allocated from crowd, to continue to smell pleasantly even after active work and thus there will be quite official, we only for - police officer R.K.Patel has told.