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The court has justified the driver heating an ear by a cellular telephone

in the Curious way it was possible to get rid of the penalty for infringement of traffic regulations to the citizen of Germany. As inform local mass-media, to the driver of the truck whom employees of road patrol have convicted of use of a mobile phone during driving, it was possible to prove that it held a tube to warm the ear.
Refused to pay the penalty Voltaire Klein (Walter Klein), townsman Hamm (Hamm), in court has told heart-breaking story how cold at times happens inside its truck when the heating system has not time to heat up air in salon. As he said, the policemen who have found him behind a phone conversation, actually saw, how it simply puts a tube to an ear as phone case was still warm after additional charge.
the ear as the car yet has not got warm has started to be ill me - on it certain time is required, - Voltaire has told to judges. - Therefore I took the cellular telephone from additional charge and have put it to an ear. Here then I was stopped also by police .
Similar arguments have been supported by granting of an extract of the account from a mobile phone according to which the German really did not make and did not accept any calls at the moment of detention.