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Lucky beggars are born in May

Those who was born in May, are not doomed completely not to toil all life as popular wisdom confirms. Actually, to people who were born last month spring, the madam the Fate smiles much more often, than other mortal.
to such conclusion the British scientists from university of Hartfordshire have come, having conducted the research which purpose was to find out, whether there is a dependence between degree of luck of the person and date of its birth. During research it has been interrogated 40 thousand persons, each of which estimated degree of the luck. It has appeared that most favourably the destiny concerns those who was issued in May. And here birth rate peak losers it is necessary for October. As a whole, scientists have found out that percent lucky beggars among newborns starts to grow in the spring and reaches the maximum in May. In the autumn this indicator again decreases.
As the head of research the professor of psychology Richard Vajzman marks, this phenomenon partially speaks that at children who have born in May the first months of life have for a favorable summer season. And here October kids are expected at once by severe winter.
nevertheless, it is not necessary to lose courage, if your birthday is necessary on unhappy a season, scientists encourage. According to professor Vajzmana, those who was born in the winter, have possibility independently to improve indicators of the luck if will be more optimistical and not begin to miss those chances which it drop out.
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