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Zhukov named names of the US president and its ministers

Three new kinds of bugs have been named by the American scientists in honour of the present president, the vice-president and the Minister of Defence of the USA.
according to scientists, the choice of names has been caused by desire to pay a tribute of respect to mister Bush, Chejni and Ramsfeld. These people always have courage to defend the belief, experts confirm. It is interesting that names of other outstanding figures will receive the others 62 kinds plastinchatousyh, also opened by the American biologists.
it is far not the first case in scientific practice. Experts and liked to name earlier the opening by names of favourite actors, singers, characters of books and cinema. For example, the British scientist Jen Vilmut, announced 1997 about a birth of the first cloned lamb who have become subsequently by a star of a world scale, named it in honour of the British singer Dolli Parton.
the Habit to give to the smaller brothers unusual names not only actors, show stars - business and politicians, but also every possible characters of a cinema and the literature is rather extended at people of the most different nationalities. It is known that millions moustached and Madonnas having a tail, Stingov live in the world, Mao Dzedunov, and also ushastyh Pokemonov and Shrekov.
For example, at the Australian singer Darrena Hejza lives kokker - spaniel by name Ob. Such name it has received in honour of Ob Van Kenobi from Star wars . And the Russian scientists named a young white whale from the Far East Banananom. In honour of the certain character mentioned in a film Assa .
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