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In a shirt from sekond - a hand have found out $3700 and have returned to the owner

Inhabitant Buenos - Ajresa has found out in a pocket of an old shirt from sekond - a hand the impressive sum of the money equal almost of $4000. However instead of pocketing a find, the decent citizen of Argentina has returned a shirt in shop and has asked to find for the owner.
practice shows that on light still there were the decent people, incapable to appropriate the another`s. Though it is necessary to recognise that every year them becomes ever less. At times the fact of already is amazing for us that the person who has found something valuable does not take away it to itself, and tries to return to the absent-minded owner.
one of such respectable citizens was recently in Argentina. The man by name of Klaudio which have bought an old shirt in sekond - a hand, has absolutely unexpectedly found out a pack of denominations in a pocket. Having understood that has control over about $4000, he has decided to return to their owner as the sum has seemed to it sufficient the big.
having returned a shirt in shop, Klaudio also has asked the seller to find to it for the owner of a shirt to hand over to the lucky beggar a round sum. Their searches have crowned success. Patricia Griko who has sold a shirt of the late father during time postignuvshego its financial crisis has appeared the owner of the integral thing of man`s clothes. Patricia was simply in shock when has learnt, what sum of money it of has voluntary deprived. However the woman was not in debt before Klaudio and has hotly thanked the man, having added that now she is firmly convinced that people in a condition to make the world better.
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