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The former mother-in-law becomes the favourite wife

the Young man has decided to return to a family bosom a year later after divorce, truth, in other role. Now for eks - spouses it becomes the stepfather therefore as takes as wife the mother-in-law.
Dvadtsatidvuhletny Dzhord Gringov from the Scottish city of Arbrout is going to be combined in the near future by a legal marriage with sorokachetyrehletnej Pet Smith. In itself this event not such unusual - recently mismatches when the wife is much more senior the husband, a steel quite extended and even the fashionable phenomenon. But the intrigue consists that the bride is necessary the groom also the mother-in-law, the truth, were. One year ago George married nineteen-year daughter Pet - Allison. But the family happiness lasted absolutely not for long - only ten days then young men have divorced. Nevertheless, all family continued to live until recently under one roof. And so happens that quite still young and attractive Pet has won heart of the former son-in-law. Perhaps, it has found in it those qualities which did not get to the young and not skilled wife.
wedding ceremony will take place in a city registry office - in the same place, where and last time. eks - the wife and the future stepdaughter has agreed to be on wedding by the bridesmaid. As she said, she does not take offence at mother that that has beaten off her husband. She asserts that sincerely wishes both of them of good luck and promises to name the former spouse the daddy . However, Allison was necessary - taki to move to the native father as in the house of mother where except people lived also the East Europe sheep-dog with five puppies, two cats, a hamster and a parrot, for it there was no free room.
but not all members of a family Smith have concerned this event as much benevolently, as Allison. So, aged mum of the bride Patricia Viljamson has declared that does not recognise this marriage and in general renounces the daughter. I do not have daughter more! - has declared babulja. - I did not expect from it such immoral act. Certainly, about my presence on wedding cannot be and speeches. And I doubt that in general somebody from our family will appear at ceremony .
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