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The big brother has congratulated on century anniversary of twins

One of the most oldest twins - Cubans of Garsija - celebrate the 100-th birthday. To congratulate jubiljarov, among other, their big brother to whom 101 year recently was executed has come.
twin-brothers Joakin and Zherardo Esteban Garcias are honourable inhabitants of Havana and are well-known first of all for the age. In a family of Garsija always there were many long-livers. For example, the big brother of twins of Manuel has celebrated recently the hundred first birthday, and parents of brothers have lived till ninety years. to live long became already tradition of our family - Zherardo in interview to the local newspaper has told. And Joakin has added what to live till hundred years is the best gift which the destiny can present.
twins assert that they do not have any special recipe dolgozhitelstva, and believe that in their case it simply favour of destiny. The only thing that has advised Zherardo wishing to live long happy life is to avoid excesses in all and to try to be benevolent. as to meal eat, all that would be desirable! - brothers have concluded.
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