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The robber has surrendered polices under impression of a film

the Criminal who within three years was searched by the American police for the armed robbery of bank in Florida, itself has handed over itself in justice hands. As the arrested person has explained, it has made it under deep impression of viewing of a film of the Chalk of Gibson Passions Christ`s .
James Anderson has plundered bank in a city of Palm trees the Scourge Garden in December, 2001, having facilitated cash desk on 25 thousand dollars. Within several years it disappeared from police, but one of these days suddenly itself has surrendered in hands of sheriffs of a city. The Anderson has answered a question why he has decided so to arrive, that on it very strong impression was made by a film Passions Christ`s and he has felt that should be cleared.
nevertheless, according to representatives of police where the arrested person has been in detail interrogated, in its decision was more calculation. It has appeared that the former robber is ill a cancer prostaty and hopes to receive free medical treatment. Besides, he was tired to live in the car and to shiver each time when it is stopped by police patrol.
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