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Juicy pissuary for passengers 1 - go a class

the British airline Virgin Atlantic has opened at the airport of New York ultrafashionable the expectation centre intended for passengers of the first class. In each element of an interior of a new institution high flight of design thought is felt. Designers have especially worked at toilet rooms, having suggested passengers to celebrate need in pissuary in the form of widely open female mouths.
the new institution intended for rest and expectation of flights by passengers of the first class, has opened in territory recently built up 4 - go the terminal nju - jorkskogo airport JFK. At a time have a rest and a good time in it 150 passengers of the first class can. Building the expectation centre which is equipped by last word in the field of wireless technology of communication, costed to airline about 4 million dollars. In business - a centre zone special booths with computers the Mackintosh which for bolshej isolation are divided by special soundproof screens are located. Besides, in the centre there is a bar, slot machines, 42 - an inch plasma TV screen and even a falls falling in 27 - metre pool.
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