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The British scientists will start in water fish - the robot

the British scientists who are engaged in research of level of pollution of waters, have created fish - the robot which shortly becomes the first similar inhabitant sea depths and called to protect environment, inform the British mass-media.
huge fish in size with a seal has been developed by professor Huoshengom Hu and its command from School of computer sciences and electronic engineering at University of Essex. The project is spent with financial support of Eurocommission. As it is planned, 5 copies of the robot superficially resembling a huge carp, in the end of the year will be started in water at port Gijon in the north of Spain then robots will spend 3 years to the sea.
during this time the robotised carps repeating movements of the present big fish, by means of chemical sensor controls will identify potentially dangerous objects for ecological conditions, in particular underwater pipes and leaks from this or that vessel. The obtained given robots will transfer by means of Wi - Fi - technologies each eight hours - for this period the charge of their batteries suffices.
according to the scientists, the similar project is unprecedented, and in creation of fish - the robot the newest technologies which will allow to struggle with nature pollution in remote underwater sites have been used. It is supposed that in the future similar inventions will help with studying of waters worldwide, including the native land of working out Britain.
in spite of the fact that use of flights of the robotised fishes for definition of degree of pollution of waters looks as an example from science fiction, there are many the practical reasons which are speaking well for this way, - Rori Doyle, the leading researcher BMT Group, engaged coordination of the project has told. - using fish - the robot, we are based on the power saving up design created for hundred millions of years of evolution. Low consumption of energy is that is necessary for us to be convinced that our sensor controls defining pollution can work in water hours .