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In the USA the crocodile was performed plastic operation

by the American surgeons have spent in zoo Metrozoo to Miami plastic operation to a crocodile, whose muzzle has seriously suffered as a result dorozhno - transport incident, inform the British mass-media.
as it is informed, plastic operation lasted 4 hours, and after it 3 - the metre patient has received a nickname of Robo Krok: its muzzle has decorated the metal corset supporting the broken jaw. Three months ago the reptile was run over by a car, when tried to cross road on one of archipelago Florida islands - Pussycats then three months has spent without meal and it has appeared on the verge of life and death.
as the doctor has told Douglas Mejder from veterinary clinic Marathon, during operation two metal wires which pass between an eye have been implanted the green patient and reach a nose tip. For this purpose in a skin of a predator it was necessary to screw in more than forty metal screws.
According to doctors, despite complexity of operation, now the crocodile feels normally and goes on the amendment. we bear responsibility for our animals who are under the threat of disappearance, - D.Mejder has told, - and a variant was two: or he [crocodile] will die on an operational table, or slow, painful death . However efforts of skilled surgeons had been found the third variant, and the history has come to the end with optimum image.