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Having stolen a daddy`s jeep, 5 - the summer British has passed on a city

With the unusual infringer it was necessary to deal a city policy of Chichester in an English county of Zapadyj Sussex. Early in the morning rest of a city has broken 5 - the summer boy who alone has passed on streets on the stolen fatherly jeep, transfer the British mass-media.
on Thursday about 6 o`clock in the morning while parents slept, Thomas Chetfild took from a handbag keys from Mitsubishi Shogun, has got the car and has gone on streets. According to the neighbours who have woken up from noise of the motor, the young driver operated car standing and before leaving on highway, ran in two cars parked on a roadside.
as it is informed, the boy managed to pass about 6 km on small country paths, and also two-way road with one-way traffic before it has not managed to drive and ran into a brick wall of the house.
the help 5 - to the summer hooligan was rendered by one of passing by drivers which has caused police and first aid. However, the police has had time to receive by then weight of calls from the frightened local residents who have seen in a jeep a head of the child, sticking out over a wheel.
the boy shocking parents by the trick, has been taken to hospital. Fortunately, doctors have not revealed any damages. The police did not begin to bring action, having left a carelessness of parents on their conscience.