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The alarm system beats on a stomach

If your apartment or the house stand on the alarm system can easy throw out it. Because enterprising British have thought up a new way of protection of the house, yes such that any thief will not want to approach to your dwelling close...
this security device publishes a disgusting sound if who or approaches to the house more close, than it is necessary, causing thus in the thief a sharp attack of a nausea. This system have thought up still ten years ago in Sweden, years that it to improve however were required. A sound which publishes this security device, it is possible to compare to a nail gnash on glass, only thus it is much more opposite. It influences mentality of the person, its hearing, and also on a stomach. According to the founder of this system David Midzhleja, it is ideally suited for people who travel much and often leave the house without supervision.
at the potential thief it will not be simple possibilities to break a door. Each time when he will try to get into the house, its stomach will be exposed to powerful attack. Usually, 10 seconds the person there are more does not maintain, and already it is necessary nothing to it, if only only this sound has stopped. Representatives of police who wish to apply him at dispersal of mass demonstrations look at this invention already with interest.