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To the Hong Kong macaques have registered contraceptives

In Hong Kong the program of contraception of macaques that though as - that to cope all with growing population of this kind of animals is entered. Macaques constantly create traffic jams, steal meal, and in poslenee time even attack people.
in national park Decoys Mauntin in Hong Kong now lives 1250 macaques. These monkeys get off in flights on 30 - 100 individuals, forming, thus, harmonious collectives. These organised groups became recently active enough, they get out on proezzhuju a part and cause the presence jams. Macaques also often attack tourists, which go to park to admire beauty of the wild nature. Population of this kind of monkeys grows in a geometrical progression, and administartsija park has decided to enter the contraception program urgently. Moreover, to visitors of park it will be definitive and it is irrevocably forbidden to feed monkeys from hands. This measure will allow to tyre out primacies far away in wood where monkeys will be compelled to search independently to themselves for food.
veterinary surgeons from the Ministry of Agriculture have already begun the contraception program - they catch females and males of macaques and do by it contraceptive injections that those did not breed any more. To the primacies who have already passed processing were vzhivleny special chips which will allow to trace their migration and to distinguish from those individuals by whom the prick has not been made yet.
according to experts, sexual life of macaques will not suffer from these injections in any way, and they can enter intimate contacts so often as that it will want it. The program of contraception has met with approval at people which often come to park Decoys Mauntin for rest on the nature. They hope that monkeys at last will leave in wood and will cease to stick to people, asking meal.