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The American family lives without garbage

the Married couple from Oregon it has appeared most ecologically correct for what has been awarded by the certificate of honour. The husband and the wife have organised at home ideal manufacture without waste - and they did not take out garbage already since 1977
Americans Jack and Sheron Koudi living in Salem, care of a state of environment, and not in words, and in practice. They consider that the person consumes too a considerable quantity of natural resources, but the main thing - painfully strongly litters, forgetting about that the actions today he creates ecological conditions in which there will live its children. Spouses Koudi live by a principle - the garbage does not exist, there are only raw materials which can benefit a society still. And since 1977 they never took out garbage therefore as that in their house was not. Spouses managed to create small manufacture without waste where it is thrown out nothing. So, for example, quilts and pillows in the house are filled not by down and not a synthetic material, and natural raw materials - human hair which Jack and Sheron accurately collected when hair cut to themselves. Behind the house for them is available small uchastochek, on which Sheron grows up vegetables. As fertilizer for this kitchen garden compost which spouses make of the meal rests serves.
and garbage in this house is not found at all. Plastic packings in which products are on sale, spouses send on point of processing of materials. The local administration has paid attention for a long time to a non-polluting way of life of spouses, in 2002 and to Sheron Koudi the certificate of honour has been handed over Jack, and they have been named by a family of year.