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In the British zoo the lemur ah-ah

the Rare species of a lemur carrying the ridiculous name " for the first time was born; ah - ah or Madagascar rukonozhka for the first time was born in Great Britain in bondage. According to veterinary surgeons, its state of health does not inspire fears.
for a zoo a birth of such cub - the present holiday. The matter is that this rare species of a lemur has practically disappeared because of active cutting down of woods, and also owing to illegal hunting for these small animals. Their meat is considered a delicacy and is highly appreciated. Besides, in some areas local residents kill rukonozhek because it is considered that they bring misfortune. Them also rank as wreckers as they like to regale on cocoes and other sweet fruits.
measures on rescue of number of population become complicated that in bondage lemurs ah-ah refuse to breed. The British zoo in Bristol became the second owner of a small cub of a lemur. The first kid has appeared in August, 1992 in special pavilion on Jersey island.
a newborn small animal the British experts named Kintana. It looks rather unusually: yellow-eyed, ostrouhy, wool upright, teeth, as at the squirrel, the tousled wool and a long average claw which the lemur in the future will pick out larvae from hollow trees.
workers of a zoo have declared that consider its occurrence by important step to preservation ah - ah which are entered in the list dying out animals. Therefore employees of a zoo steadfastly watch development of the newborn kid. Round the clock near its haven veterinary surgeon Kerolajn Brown is on duty. She has told that at first she fed a cub through a syringe each two hours. Now Kerolajn brushes every day with its tooth-brush and greases with a children`s cream.
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