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In special troops of the USA the monkey

the Management of special troops of police in the American city of Mesa, the State of Arizona will work, has come to a conclusion that their subordinates do not have not enough primitive instincts. Therefore the decision to employ specially trained monkey was accepted.
the author of idea - officer Sean Trulav - quite seriously hopes to receive the governmental grant and to train a monkey - spetsagenta, having equipped with its portable radio set and a bullet-proof vest. As he said, all laugh at its invention, including its failure. However the Trulav which are responsible for operation of robots, declares that acceptance in staff of group of fast reaction of a monkey will positively be reflected in division work.
Trulav hopes to receive 100 thousand dollars, from which 15 thousand he expects to spend for purchase of a monkey - the Capuchin, its training, a special bullet-proof vest, a tiny videocamera and a portable radio set. Capuchins are considered as the cleverest primacies after a chimpanzee, they easily give in to training, but to do of them spetsagentov while has guessed nobody. Quite often trained Capuchins act as nurses at invalids it is difficult to them to move: bring it meal, newspapers, switch on and off light at the desire of the owner or comb to it hair.
officer Trulav believes that it not a limit. In its opinion, a monkey in weight no more than 4 kg it is possible to teach to spend investigation, to search buildings, silently to open doors from within and etc. Small obezjanka can get into such places where any person or the robot not to reach, and the videocamera and a portable radio set will help to adjust effective interaction.
Sean Trulav has already directed the demand for the grant to Agency under hi-tech defensive projects at the Pentagon, but the answer yet has not received. In case of the positive decision he hopes independently to train obezjanku and to lodge her at home.
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