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Drugs and alcohol inhabitants of small Indian small town Baralapohari all fair people utihomirivali the raged monkeys have driven monkeys mad

One of these days. The smoked grasses and accepted on a breast a fair dose of a hot drink animals have decided to have a good time and have gone to smash nearby settlement.
bad habits, really, are very infectious. It is a phrase has again found acknowledgement in practice. Monkeys from India, for example, the big fans to hammer kosjachok with marihuana and to pass rjumashku-other of a fiery drink. Awfully also that animals are capable to do in such condition goodness knows what.
In it recently and has had the luck to be convinced to inhabitants of Baralapohari who within several hours, than popadja, including ski sticks and brooms, turned out raged drunk obezjanok from a city.
Crafty animals have reconnoitered that local residents have prepared recently for special religious festival special liquor, infused on marihuana leaves. This drink is used by the people speaking in language orija, as a gift induistskim to gods on the eve of new year. Usually it store in special vessels near the house. Readily available for all comers vessels have involved monkeys with the specific smell, and animals have decided to use the presented chance and to arrange a junket.
as a result, the monkey`s wine party has turned back the present nightmare for inhabitants of Baralapohari. Many of them as a result of struggle against the gone crazy primacies have got wounds and have addressed for medical aid, and now it is necessary to some Indians, not to build up anew almost to itself the house. Obezjanki have got off easily enough. They have simply gone to sleep off in wood.
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