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The vagabond has returned to the owner the found purse with money

In America even asotsialnye elements at times serve as samples zakonoposlushanija and honesty. So, the Californian homeless, having found out in a garbage urn a purse with 900 dollars, has not given in to a temptation to appropriate a valuable find, and has returned money to the proprietress.
Kim Boug working as the watchwoman in a complex of the governmental buildings in the city of Santa - Ana, has found out purse loss last week and did not hope any more to reunite with the money and credit cards. I prayed day and night, asking from God of the help - tells Boug who saved money for a trip for the historical native land to Thailand.
after some days the purse was found by the local homeless who spent planned inspection of garbage urns on a subject banok, suitable in breakage. The purse wrapped in a polyethylene package, was based among other garbage in one of tanks. As it was found out after, Boug has casually thrown out a purse together with the lunch rests.
but here the vagabond for whom 900 dollars obviously were the unprecedented sum, has shown honesty miracles. It has carried a find in the next building and has transferred ohrannitse Sherri Uesli.
This person has come to me with a roll of money in hands and has told: Probably, it belongs to somebody from your colleagues, you could not find the owner and return money - tells Uesli. The personnel of guard kitchen touched by an act of the man, has offered it a free dinner. The vagabond has not refused a meal, but has insisted on paying for an entertainment from the pocket.
at it very kind heart. If someone another has found a purse, not to see to me my money - tells Boug who as compensation has handed over to the fair and proud vagabond of 100 dollars.
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