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The Popes became card trumps

In Germany has gone on sale religious a card pack with images of fathers of Rimsko - the Catholic Church, sitting on the Holy See at various times.
the manufacturer of toys from Hamburg Kultquartett has let out an original novelty. In a pack for children`s game Top Trumps ( The trumps ) 32 fathers are presented, beginning from Sacred Peter and to current pontifex Benedict XVI. Four candles also are applied On a pack - for giving of special atmosphere during game.
advantages of cards are defined depending on that, how many at the given father was namesakes, predecessors as long it has stayed on the Holy See, and also from remoteness of its birthplace from Rome.
since our fellow countryman Joseph Ratzinger became Benedict XVI, the present fashion on fathers has begun. The youth has become interested again in church leaders that has demonstrated celebrating of the World day of youth in Cologne last year - tells Kristof Engel, the designer who has developed trump fathers .
On each card, besides a portrait of the pontifex, brief information on his life and acts contains. According to developers, they put before themselves aim to create game which will be simultaneously both to entertain children, and to train.
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