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The Ministry of Internal Affairs suggests to fix all contacts of militiamen to citizens

the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation considers possibility of video fixing of all contacts of militiamen with citizens, Sergey Bulavin has declared the deputy minister of internal affairs.
as he said, additional financing which now does not provide expenses on installation of additional chambers of video observation in streets of cities for this purpose is necessary. S.Bulavin has noticed that the given norm can contain in the preparing bill on militia, which till December, 1st 2010. Should be brought in the State Duma.
the general has added that in the document also is planned to expand essentially chapter regulating control and supervision of activity of militia. So, along with existing forms of control it is planned to fix additional possibilities of public control. In particular, it is planned to give to public opinion a role of one of the basic criteria in system of estimations of overall performance of militia.
the Important factor, considers S.Bulavin, there should be a corruption counteraction, in struggle with which high degree of legal security and stability of legal status of the militiaman that will allow to provide confidence of the militiaman at execution of the duties by it can render the help.