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Girlfriend S.Berluskoni wants to become Vudi Allen`s muse

the Moroccan dancer by a nickname Cut also a key figure in litigation against the Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi whom accuse of vicious communication with the minor prostitute, has told about the dream.
the girl has written the letter to known director Vudi Allen after has learnt that he spoke about it on a film festival in Cannes.
in the letter Cut has told that wants to become a new muse of the director and hopes to cope with a situation with its help. I not such what me describe mass-media. I the girl with correct principles, very much love art, the literature and philosophy - she has assured.
as Vudi Allen has reacted to this message, is not informed. It is known that the director in the summer of this year plans to begin shootings of the following film in which will play Alec Baldwin and Penelopa Krus.
we Will remind, the Italian prime minister - the minister is accused that resorted to paid sexual services of the minor marokkanki, and also of use of the influence at attempt to hide this communication.
cut has been detained for theft of 3 thousand euro, however on interrogation has declared that it is very close familiar from premieres - the minister, than and has tried to affect an investigation course. Itself 74 - summer S.Berluskoni has taken active part in business of clearing of the Moroccan emigrant. Thus the prime minister - the minister denies all charges of Milan Office of Public Prosecutor, proving that he has decided to rescue Cut from a criminal liability by kindness sincere but never entered with it sexual relations.