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The USA will answer cyberattacks by forces of the Pentagon

the Ministry of Defence of the USA provides use all possible means for protection of interests of the country if America becomes a victim of cyberattack. At the moment the Pentagon develops corresponding rules for the military country leaders. Radio station Europe1 informs on it referring to the official representative of the Minister of Defence of the USA.
this statement has followed the decision of the White house from May, 16th 2011. Then US authorities have informed on new measures which can be accepted for protection against hacker attacks.
the USA will answer hostile certificates in cyberspace sphere in the same manner in which Washington answers other threats to the country. We reserve the right to itself to use all necessary means - diplomatic, economic, information and military for protection of our country, our allies, our partners and our interests - it was told in that decision of Presidential Administration of the USA. There it was noticed that means will be used according to necessity and the account of observance of norms of international law.
on May, 31st the official representative of the Pentagon colonel Dejv Lapan has declared in interview to the American mass-media that the policy of the White house does not exclude the military answer to cyberattack .
on May, 29th the American company Lockheed Martin has declared that its employees have revealed and have stopped serious and persistent hacker attack to an electronic database of this organisation which has occurred on May, 21st.
Lockheed Martin - the large American company specialising in area of aircraft engineering, the aerospace technics, shipbuilding, automation of post services and aeroport logistics. Experts of corporation also develop a fighter of the fifth generation for military - air forces of USA F - 35 and the new spaceship for the American astronauts which will replace a shuttle.