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The ship similar to a trawler " is found in sea of Okhotsk; Amethyst

Military survey vessel GS - 296 Pacific fleet during search works has found out the object which is presumably being gone in middle of February by a trawler " at the bottom of sea of Okhotsk; Amethyst . On it it is informed on an official site of the government of the Kamchatka edge.
the object in length of 40 m and 9 m has been found out width by crew GS - 296 in a gulf of Shelihova of sea of Okhotsk on depth of 245 m. At the moment are not present that acknowledgement that the vessel really is the disappeared trawler.
for definition of the nature of object use of the special submersible is necessary. survey vessel GS - 296 possibilities on bottom inspection has settled, - the minister of special programs and of affairs of the Cossacks Sergey Habarov has declared. - The governor of the Kamchatka edge Vladimir Ilyukhin intends to address to command of Pacific fleet with the request for a direction in area of detection of underwater object of the vessel having onboard the equipment for more detailed research of a find .
we Will remind, Amethyst last time has contacted on February, 11th, next day to contact vessel crew any more it was not possible, and rescuers have been directed to water area. However the search works organised by the Ministry of Emergency Measures and courts Sea wind, Nikolay Solodchuk Baklanovo Anadyr have not crowned success. The destiny of 23 crewmen on - former is unknown.
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