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More than 4 thousand peace Libyans have suffered from NATO aviablows

As a result of aviablows of forces of the NATO in Libya 4067 civilians have suffered, 718 persons were lost. On it informs Bi - bi - si referring to the representative of the government of Libya to Musu Ibragima.
Besides, M.Ibragim has declared that during recent visit to Tripoli president of the republic of South Africa Jacob Zumy refusal of Libyan colonel Muammara Kaddafi of the power was not discussed. According to the high-ranking official, M.Kaddafi`s leaving would become the worst scenario for Libya.
earlier it was informed that on May, 31st J. A zoom has met M.Kaddafi. The leader of the republic of South Africa has informed that the Libyan dictator is ready to satisfy a condition a road map which project has been offered by the African union.
we will remind, in February 2011. In Libya mass protest actions against M.Kaddafi`s mode which have outgrown in bloody civil war have begun. The conflict has split the country into two camps - supporters and opponents of leader Dzhamahirii. On March, 17th 2011. The UN Security Council, aspiring to help the opposing M.Kaddafi to opposition, has accepted the resolution providing introduction bespoletnoj of a zone over Libya and opening possibility of foreign military intervention in a situation in this state. After that on the Libyan territory have started to put aviablows of force of the USA, France and other countries. Then command over operation has passed to the NATO.
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