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The Turkish authorities name originators of a poisoning of Russians in a week

During the meeting of the Turkish and Russian delegations which have taken place on May, 31st in Izmir, the deputy minister of culture and tourism of Turkey Ozgjur Ozaslan has declared that preliminary results of a legal investigation about a poisoning of tourists in Bodrume will be sounded in seven days. On it it is informed on an official site of Rosturizma.
Upon destruction of the Russians who have poisoned with poor-quality whisky, criminal case is brought. At present Turkish inspectors have established that the walking yacht on which there was a poisoning, had no licence for an exit in the sea.
Turkey has promised to spend careful check of all retail points on alcohol sale, to take appropriate measures on safety of tourists on resorts and to report to foreign tour operators about the done work in the near future.
we will remind, on May, 27th 2011. The Russian tourists have poisoned with substitute alcohol during sea walk near the Turkish resort city of Bodruma. After some hours there was a first victim rest - Maria Shalyapin, she has died in hospital in Turkey. The day before in medical institution Ajgul Zaljaeva 1991 year of birth has died also. Today in 79 - j to city clinical hospital of Moscow the third tourist 1989 year of birth the day before delivered from Bodruma has died. As of Tuesday in clinics of Antalya and Denizlis remained five persons, from them two - in a grave condition.
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