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The Osset police has found at the murderer of the poet a shahid`s belt

In the North Ossetia employees of FSB and the Ministries of Internal Affairs during a search of apartment of David Murashev suspected of murder of the Osset poet and public figure Shamilja Dzhigkaeva, have found the weapon and the extremist literature. On it have informed in a press - service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation across the North Ossetia and Alanii.
In dwelling of the gangster has been found out a shahid`s belt and the form of the police officer. Probably, the criminal prepared acts of terrorism.
meanwhile as a result of operation on capture of the extremist two fighters OMSN have suffered, one of them has received severe wounds and now is in resuscitation.
as have told in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, operation on capture lasted 40 minutes: D.Murashev have blocked between the house and substation along the street Oleg Koshevogo in Vladikavkaz. On the offer to surrender the criminal has opened fire, having thrown in police officers two grenades and having opened shooting from a pistol.
33 - summer earlier the offender the adherent of radical Islam has been liquidated by Reciprocal fire. On a scene of crime the pistol of Makarova with the muffler is found out.
we will remind, the body of the national poet of the North Ossetia S.Dzhikaeva was revealed in the afternoon on May, 26th in settlement Redant of Suburb of republic. It became known later that to the dean of faculty of Osset philology of Severo - the Osset state university of a name of Kosta Hetagurova cut off a head.
according to a number of mass-media, to the poet the set of threats among which there was also a promise to decapitate recently arrived. S.Dzhikaev has appeared in the scandal centre three years ago when has written a poem concerning incident with pilgrims from the Chechen Republic and Ingushetia which made hadzh.
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