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Accuracy GLONASS promise to increase in 3 times

In the nearest one - two years accuracy of work of receivers GLONASS is planned to triple practically. About it at V international forum on satellite navigation in Expocentre Anatoly Shilov has informed zamglavy Federal space agency (Russian Space Department).
For the nearest one - two years it is necessary for us to reach accuracy in one - two metres - A.Shilov has told, having added that now given indicator makes 6 m.
As he said, for successful work of system GLONASS presence in an orbit not less than 24 companions is necessary. He has noticed that for necessary 24 - satellite the orbital grouping will be finished in August of this year after the next start of the companion GLONASS - M . Now three space vehicles pass test, and one new device is tested.
in July - August we will start one GLONASS - M In September - October will be three more starts (navigating companions) from Baikonur - he has specified. A.Shilov has noticed that before starts it is necessary to carry out all necessary tests and to observe safety measures, considering the failure which has occurred on December, 5th 2010.
A.Shilov has informed that for today system GLONASS equips 23 % of aircrafts of the Russian Federation, 87 % sea and river crafts, 80 % of motor transport (it is a question of the state transport).
we Will remind, three companions GLONASS - M which have been started on December, 5th 2010. From the cosmodrome Baikonur, in some hours have fallen in Pacific ocean severo - to the west of Honolulu, without having reached an orbit. In May of this year the Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation named a cause of accident and losses of three companions GLONASS - M excess of weight of an oxidizer in razgonnyj the block on 1,5 t owing to an error in Open Society documentation It is rocket - space corporation Energy It. With. The Item The queen in the formula of calculation of a dose of refuelling of liquid oxygen entered into the maintenance instruction. As a result of loss of companions the damage at a rate of 4,3 mlrd rbl.

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