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FSIN: P.Lebedev communicates With cellmates correctly

Federal Agency of execution of punishments (FSIN) has given the characteristic to the former head MFO MENATEP and to Platon Lebedev nowadays leaving imprisonment.
the characteristic as a whole has turned out positive. In particular, in FSIN have noted ability of the businessman to communicate with people. mutual relations with cellmates builds correctly, conflicts does not enter - it is told in the document confirmed by the chief of a pre-trial detention centre Sailor`s silence Fikretom Tagievym.
During a finding in pre-trial detention centre establishment - 1 UFSIN Russia across Moscow has no summary punishments - it is told in a paper. There also its quiet character and politeness eks - heads MENATEPa in dialogue with employees of a pre-trial detention centre and administration is marked.
Socially useful communications has not lost, keeps in touch with relatives in the established form (correspondence, short-term appointments). To actions of educational character reacts correctly - it is informed in the characteristic.
we will notice that earlier former head NK YUKOS Michael Khodorkovsky and P.Lebedev have addressed in court with applications about conditional - an early release. And, according to their lawyers, for UDO to businessmen it is not required to recognise the fault.
we will remind, on December, 30th 2010. The Hamovnichesky court of Moscow has sentenced M.Khodorkovsky and P.Lebedev to 14 years of imprisonment of everyone. They have been recognised by guilty on ch. 3 items 160 (assignment or the waste made with use of the office position, and it is equal in the large size), ch. 3 items 174. 1 (legalisation (washing up) money resources or other property, got as a result of the commission of crime, the organised group) the Criminal code of the Russian Federation. On May, 24th 2011. The Moscow city court has lowered an imprisonment term to both businessmen on the second criminal case with 14 till 13 years. Thus, they should leave on freedom in 2016.