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Head Rosturizma: Turkey has promised Russia to change a situation on resorts

the Head of Federal agency of tourism (Rosturizm) Alexander Radkov in a course a press - conferences in has commented on a situation with a poisoning of the Russian tourists on the walking yacht in Bodrume.
As a result of the incident which has occurred on May, 27th, three Russians were lost from a poisoning with methyl spirit. The first victim “ rest “ there was Maria Shalyapin who has died in hospital in Turkey. The day before in medical institution Ajgul Zaljaeva 1991 year of birth has died. Today in 79 - j to city clinical hospital of Moscow the third tourist 1989 year of birth who the day before has come back from Bodruma has died.
A.Radkov has noticed that the created situation is awful tragedy. “ were lost three our tourists - young men, girls. Today at me conversation with the head of the Ministry of culture and tourism of Turkey has taken place. Turkish colleagues have assured us that all necessary actions for a non-admission of similar situations in the future will be undertaken. I think, the Turkish side will toughen control over deliveries of foodstuff in hotels, on other tourist objects, in particular walking yachts. Besides, will toughen control and over the companies, rendering tourist services “ - the head of department has declared.
“ the walking yacht on which there was a poisoning, had no right to an exit in the sea. Here the system defect is visually visible. Our colleagues have promised within a week to give preliminary results of investigation of incident. Special state structures will check up a control turn in tourist branch, and also will spend an explanation where it is necessary to buy alcohol “ - A.Radkov has added.
“ I have familiarised with the information in some mass-media that the limit under the insurance can not suffice. There is a question: Who and as will pay treatment of the Russian tourists in hospital. The Turkish side has declared that will defray all expenses on treatment over the insurance. Besides, Turkey will incur payment of flight and residing for relatives of victims. I hope that colleagues will take necessary measures for a non-admission of such situations in the future “ - the official has noted.
“ now concerning councils to our tourists. It is necessary to avoid abusing alcohol. On the statistican, for last year the alcohol became a cause of death of 78 Russian tourists to Turkey and 98 Russians in Egypt. The  destruction of Russians has been connected in a greater degree with chronic diseases. Also the big percent of  destruction owing to asfiksii. Tourists have sunk, without having calculated the forces. The third reason of a steel of road accident. We will notice that in 2010ã. On resorts of Turkey and Egypt there was no case of a poisoning with poor-quality alcohol “ - head Rosturizma has summed up. “ It is necessary to understand always that the receiving party has the way and traditions, it is necessary to follow norms of behaviour, customs, not to break the legislation. It is necessary to observe safety measures in places of the big congestion of people and to follow recommendations of tour operators. Then it is possible to hope that anything bad will not occur “.
A.Radkov has told about a condition of victims: “ The matter is that a part of victims - the Russians working in the Turkish accepting companies. They had the work permit in Turkey. Other part of victims - the employees of the Russian travel agencies who have arrived for passage in the training seminar. Besides, on the yacht there were simple tourists (not only Russians), all nearby 100 persons. At the moment one suffered Russian is in a grave condition. The condition of the second is estimated by doctors as stably heavy. We wish all victims of the prompt recover and we hope that all will end safely. At the moment some of tourists have already returned to Russia, someone remained in Turkey.
“ in the created situation we recognise that all victims have been insured. We hope that tour operators will foot the bill on treatment as it is provided under the law. As to indemnification over the insurance, these questions should dare tour operators and employers in a judicial order. We will add that all should dare according to laws of a receiving party which, maybe, is not guilty in incident, however precisely should bear responsibility for happened “ - the official has noted.
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