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Landing of shuttle Endeavour have transformed into entertainment show

Last flight of shuttle Endeavour has come to the end with landing at the cosmodrome in American state Florida. A landing of a space shuttle have transformed into entertainment show, to look which thousand people have come.
at the cosmodrome even have included additional illumination that landing looked more impressing. After a landing of a shuttle the Control centre of flights has said a phrase: Welcome home, Enadeavour informs a press - service of American space agency NASA.
the ship Crew consisted of commander Mark Kelly, pilot Gregory Johnson, experts Andrew Fjustela, Michael Finka, Gregory Shamitoffa and astronaut EKA of Italian Roberto Vittori. As marks a press - Russian Space Department service, all of them feel well.
M.Kelli has noticed that it is a pity to it to realise that it was last flight of a shuttle. He has added that at Endeavour there was a good history which will remember for a long time.
we Will notice that practically simultaneously with landing Endeavour to a launching pad the space shuttle Atlantis which start will finish the program of sending of shuttles in space has been directed. Start Atlantis is planned for July, 8th 2011. After program closing the American ships will be transferred in museums, mark in Russian Space Department.