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E.Limonov promised the new action in frameworks Strategy - 31

During meeting on the Triumphal area in Moscow on May, 31st 2011. The co-chairman of movement Solidarity Ilya Yashin, the leader Other Russia Edward Limonov and the co-ordinator the Left front Sergey Udaltsov have been detained by law enforcement officers. After drawing up of reports on administrative infringements in OVD Tver arrested persons have been released.
representatives of opposition assert that arrested persons was about hundred, informs Echo Moscow . Representatives of not system opposition assumed that upon termination of the action on the area procession on the Tver street will take place, however employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have stopped demonstration carrying out.
E.Limonov has promised repetition of performances. all who abstains from arrival on Triumphal, are obliged to come, differently you not the citizen, and a vegetable - the oppositionist in the blog has declared. the following action will take place on July, 31st - he has added.
we will notice that similar Moscow to the action have passed and in St.-Petersburg where also all has come to the end zaderzhanijami. In total at Gostini dvor 30 persons have been detained nearby.
the opposition arranges meetings 31 - go numbers of each month, supporting 31 - j article of the Constitution of the Russian Federation guaranteeing a freedom of assembly. At the mayor Jurii Luzhkov these actions were under a ban. With Sergey Sobjanina`s arrival oppositionists managed to spend legally some actions.
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