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A.Navalnyj and ecologists will hold a forum antiseliger

At the initiative of the active worker of movement In protection of the Khimki wood Evgenii Chirikovoj and at to information support blogera Alexey Navalnogo since June, 17th within four days in the Khimki wood the meeting under the name " will take place; antiseliger . The video reference of the active worker and blogera has appeared the day before on the Internet.
according to E.Chirikovoj, it is a forum, where everyone can come to show the civic stand and to show to everything that in Russia there were people who leave on streets, leave in wood which protect the Native land not for 400 roubles, not for 800 roubles which it are done simply because they by citizens of the country .
A.Navalnyj has expressed admiration of defenders of the Khimki wood. Bloger has noticed that people to whom long time said that all is useless Continue to defend wood, opposing its cuttings down. According to A.Navalnogo, this action becomes remarkable display of a civic stand.
we will remind, Movement in protection of the Khimki wood Moscow - Petersburg which customer is the state company " protests against a lining through wood of a line; Society for the Promotion of Motoring and Road Improvement . We will notice that long opposition was marked by numerous attacks on ecologists, however protection Society for the Promotion of Motoring and Road Improvement denies the participation in incidents.
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