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S.Polonsky on the air has eaten a tie piece. VIDEO

the Founder of corporation Mirax Group Sergey Polonsky on the air online - programs of writer Sergey Minaev has eaten a piece of the present tie. Thus, eks - the businessman has kept a word given by it some years ago.
during the program S.Minaev has reminded S.Polonsky that in crisis 2008. The businessman promised to eat a tie provided that the price for real estate of its company for one and a half year will not grow on 25 %.
whether I Was mistaken? Yes, was mistaken. It has occurred not through ones and a half, and in two years - S.Polonsky on air of the program " has told; Minaev LIVE . Perhaps then a half eat? - the leader has offered S.Polonsky.
in reply to the given offer S.Polonsky cut off a piece of the tie brought in studio, has put it in a mouth and, having washed down with water, has swallowed.
we will remind, in March 2011. With. Polonsky declared closing of brand Mirax and has asked not to consider any more as its businessman. S.Polonsky has become famous for the extravagant acts and statements. In particular, he named the son Miraksom in honour of the corporation.
corporation Mirax Group has been based in 1994. Also entered into the five of the largest Moscow developers working in the markets of Russia, Ukraine, France. The largest projects of the company - a tower Federation in the Moscow international business centre Moscow - city building of territory of the Russian Railway about the Kiev station, etc.