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In Russia every sixth teenager is difficult

On the eve of the International day of protection of children, marked on June, 1st, the Institute of sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences has prepared the special report on a problem of growth of aggression in the teenage environment. The document has appeared on hand “ the Russian newspaper “.
In 2005γ. Employees of Institute have started to spend in the Russian cities polls of difficult and usual senior pupils, their parents and teachers, and also pupils of the Belorechensky man`s colony for minors. Research conclusions have appeared not so iridescent.
It has appeared that during the last years teenagers began a thicket to take alcohol and drugs (in t. ch. Heavy), and also to commit crime, showing deviantnoe behaviour. Thus, in Russia yet it was not possible to construct effective system of struggle against teenage criminality.
with 2006 on 2010γγ. The share of legislative teenagers has decreased from 32 % to 15 % from total number interrogated, and the quantity of juvenile hooligans and brawlers has increased from 58 % to 69 %. If eight years ago to difficult it was possible to rank only every tenth teenager, today - every sixth (16 %).
Almost half of senior pupils have experience of participation in fights, 43 % are familiar with concept “ vandalism “ and every fifth made small thefts from shops.
sociologists have concluded that at interrogated since the childhood the system of vital values is deformed. The reason for it it becomes frequent a family, and also an environment as which it is necessary to affirm, start up also in the illegal way.
experts are assured: at teenagers has appeared more free time because they practically are engaged in nothing. Have lost popularity such employment, as designing, employment in mugs and clubs, campaigns. Viewing of extremely topical both erotic films and video, computer games and wandering on the Internet became the main employment.
95 % of the respondents carrying to any informal group, basically “ walk along the street, in park, in a court yard “ 63 % - play the computer, 52 % - in football or other sports, 43 % go on a disco, to club or a bar, 42 % - drink beer and other low alcohol drinks. Third of interrogated have informed that together with friends “ are kidding, frighten people and annoy them “. Third admitted that “ destroy and break all around just for the hell of it “ and alone 6 % of the interrogated are engaged in similar things only.
sociologists have noticed that at the modern teenagers ranking to subcultures, the aspiration to risk is brightly expressed. Analyzing the reasons which have induced senior pupils to enter fights, they have specified some motives, main of which - desire to protect own “ I “. So, 43 % of respondents revenged for insults, 39 % were protected from attacking, 34 % have risen on protection of the friend or the girlfriend, and 19 % entered in “ wars between groupings “.
Other interesting research was spent by Fund of development of the Internet, the newspaper writes. Today in the teenage environment types popularity virtual terror, an attack which harms to children`s mentality.
as it has appeared, every fifth child addressing on a line of the help “ Children of Russia online “ fell a victim of sexual harassment in the Network, two thirds were exposed to the virtual persecution, many faced a pornographic content on the Internet. It is covered in the Network and one more threat: Today`s schoolboys cannot learn to communicate in real life, stop thinking and search for answers in the World wide web.