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Capsule Dragon can go in tour round across the USA

the Private spaceship Dragon constructed by American company Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) within the limits of program Commercial Orbital Transportation Services, can go in tour round across the USA.
on May, 31st after successful privodnenija the ship in Pacific ocean the founder and chief executive SpaceX of Elon Mask has spent a press - conference and has shared the vision of prospects of a vessel.
as has declared E.Mask, it was very good flight transfers CNN. The businessman has expressed hope that the success will be possible to repeat the companies. Then the businessman has declared that it does not have plans of the relative future privodnivshejsja a capsule, but it would be quite good to send the ship in round on the country in the educational purposes.
Falcon carrier rocket start - 9 with capsule Dragon has taken place on May, 22nd from cape Canaveral. Let`s notice that ship start was postponed some times for technical reasons, and experts had big doubts that start will take place.
earlier it was informed that the American space department NASA was going to conclude with SpaceX the contract in cost 1,6 mlrd dollars on performance of 12 flights on delivery of cargoes to MKS. It is expected that the final decision on this question will be accepted in the nearest future.