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neformat: “ Strategy - 31 “ has not collected and 500 participants

in the Evening on May, 31st on the Triumphal area in Moscow the next unapproved meeting of opposition in support of 31 - j articles of the Constitution of Russia fixing the right of citizens on a freedom of assembly has taken place. Despite the increased protest activity, the action in protection of constitutional laws has not met strong support from opposition and has not collected more than 500 participants, writes “ Kommersant “.
Under the different data, law enforcement officers have detained from 80 to 120 persons who have been placed in avtozaki, are delivered in departments of police and after drawing up of reports on an administrative offence are released. Among arrested persons there was also a leader “ Other Russia “ writer Edward Limonov to whom have brought accusations in the organisation of unapproved meeting. The court on E.Limonova`s business is appointed to June, 7th.
we will notice that on May, 31st 2012ć. It was executed exactly three years from the date of carrying out of the first “ Strategy - 31 “. E.Limonov has started to agitate people to take part in the action last week, informing people in the blog on forthcoming action. The day before in microblogs heshteg #Ņščóģōąėüķą’ the list of the most quoted themes in the Network has fallen into web. Organizers assumed that on the action thousand persons, before participating in " will come; festivals “ “ okkupajah “ and others fleshmobah oppositions.
however action did not become mass: by estimations of the correspondent, on the action have come no more than 500 persons. According to GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Moscow, in “ Strategy - 31 “ have taken part all about 150 demonstrators.