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The Russian ship Professor Katsman has unloaded the weapon in port of Syria

the Russian dry-cargo ship Professor Katsman with the weapon has onboard visited the Syrian port Tartus. The representative of human rights organisation Human Rights First Sadija Hamid has declared that about it the data updated the day before testifies to sea transportations. The vessel has unloaded the weapon in the second-large port of Syria against a slaughter-house in a city an Abuse, which victims of a steel of 116 civilians.
according to legal experts, Professor Katsman has moored in Tartuse on Saturday, on May, 26th before going to the Greek port Peraeus. The organisation observed of the dry-cargo ship from May, 25 till May, 27th, and 26 numbers the ship command has disconnected transmitter AIS established onboard (automatic identification system), allowing to watch vessel moving. During this moment the dry-cargo ship was all in 20 miles from port Tartus.
In Human Rights First are assured that Professor Katsman has unloaded in port the weapon intended for a mode of the president of Syria Bashara Asada which wages war with insurgents. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has declared that it does not have any data about Professor Katsmane and its cargo.
as marks the edition the Sea bulletin the operator of a vessel is the Belgian company Inok NV, and the actual owner - severo - the Western shipping company (St.-Petersburg). Chairman of board of directors SZP long time was the present deputy minister of transport of the Russian Federation Victor Olersky who has refused citizenship of Belgium for the sake of transition in Ministry of Transport.
the dry-cargo ship with the Russian weapon has come into the Syrian port right after bloody events in a city the Abuse: as a result minometnogo, artillery and tank bombardment on May, 25th 116 civilians there were lost. The Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov has expressed opinion that behind massacre in the Abuse stand both terrorists, and B.Asada`s armies.
the Syrian authorities have in turn extended the information that townspeople became victims of terrorist groupings, and the governmental armies ostensibly at all were not on May, 25th in the Abuse. The representative of the USA has not believed in this version at Susan Rice United Nations, naming lie the version of a mode of B.Asada.