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Business Miel : rublevskie millionaires became the deceived shareholders

Police the day before has spent searches at holding offices Miel one of the largest Russian companies in the real estate market. The representative of main investigatory management GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Moscow Olga Dumalkina has informed that searches have passed in frameworks of the criminal case raised on ch. 4 items 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (swindle in especially large size).
Business has been raised still on April, 12th 2012. Under the statement of investors of elite settlement Barvikha Village on Rublevo - the Uspensky highway in which building the holding " was engaged; Miel . Suspects on business there pass the heads of holding not established by a consequence who have stolen means of investors. About it the newspaper " writes on June, 1st; Kommersant .
Under the version of the investigation, the high-ranking employees Miel Under the pretext of activity realisation on realisation of objects of real estate (the inhabited blocked houses), without having intention and actual possibility to carry out of the obligation and having misled investors concerning a real state of affairs, have concluded with them contracts . The transferred money has been stolen.
one of victims on business Boris Andreev has told that else in March 2007. Has listed to structures Miel 1,29 million dollars for two houses in settlement Barvikha Village. 629 thousand dollars More on request of a management Miel it has brought cash, having received in exchange the credit order from Open Company GrandInvest . According to the warrant, this money intended on a settlement accomplishment. Savely Orbant with whom I dealt, explained that any building cannot do without a cash slate club - has explained B.Andreev.
in the autumn 2011. Investors have learnt that concerning the operator of the project of Joint-Stock Company Barvikha - Villadzh there is begun bankruptcy procedure. Besides, it was found out that in May 2007. The earth on which the settlement is constructed, has been put in Rosbank under a mortgage loan in 20 million dollars. To investors about it a management Miel to inform has forgotten . Also the company has refused to admit the fact of cash payments in the address GrandInvesta - each of investors has lost hundred thousand dollars.
Kulikov (the owner of holding Miel Grigory Kulikov - a comment) Has declared to us that knows nothing about such firm, and Orbant by this moment has already left and has left to Israel - has noted B.Andreev. In its opinion, plunder of means of investors prepared in advance. The consequence believes that 39 investors of building from whom it has been received about 59 million dollars in total could suffer.
in holding Miel have disagreed with criminal case excitation. Certainly, we do not agree and with the formulation plunder of means . We did not stop and we do not stop actions under the permission of this situation. To any client it is not refused a recognition of the rights of the requirement. Constructive proposals, the company with them a question have been made to a number of clients has solved - Julia Abashina has declared the official representative of the company.
In turn S.Orbant has informed that difficulties have arisen in connection with crisis 2008. . As he said, speech should go not about swindle, and about grazhdansko - legal dispute, in which one of the parties applies the administrative resource, allowing to use police as argument of intimidation . He also has refused to recognise that someone from investors brought available funds.
according to the newspaper, the consequence has managed to prove that cash nevertheless has been brought: the employee accepting money Miel Lyudmila Arhipov has carelessly filled one of credit orders manually, having left inspectors the sample of the handwriting. Earlier she asserted that any money from investors did not receive, however when results of examination became known - has ceased to come on interrogations and to answer phone calls of the inspector. As a result of L.Arhipov has been declared in operative search.
the day before it became known that the owner of holding Miel Kulikov and members of his family have left Russia, at the moment they are in Riga. J.Abashina asserts that at G.Kulikova planned business trip to Latvia, ostensibly on Monday he intends to return to Moscow. Meanwhile S.Orbant is not going to come back in the Russian Federation, as does not test illusions concerning our law enforcement bodies .