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The police officer has sold a post for 2,5 million rbl. in Ministry of Health

In Moscow is detained operupolnomochennyj department of criminal investigation department of the Department of Internal Affairs on Severo - to East administrative district of capital.
as have informed in city law enforcement bodies, the day before the police officer in restaurant Primavera together with the acquaintance has received a roguish way of 2 million 500 thousand rbl. from the man, promising to assist in employment in Ministry of Health of Russia.
concerning the police officer and its accomplice action on item 30 and item 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (attempt at swindle) is brought.
Scandals in power structures in Russia occur to sale of posts even more often. In the middle of May 2012. In Moscow inhabitants of capital 42 - summer Pavel Popov and 51 - the summer Vladislav Kalinin have been condemned, offering to buy the mandate of the deputy of the State Duma for 10 million euro. The court has sentenced each of them to 5 years of imprisonment for swindle.
In July 2011. Similar swindle was organised by two assistants to the deputy of the State Duma from Fair Russia trading in mandates ER in the lower chamber of parliament of following convocation. They demanded from the citizen of 7,5 million euro for its inclusion in the pre-election list an United Russia .
In December 2010. On a similar crime the assistant to one of councillors of Federation has got. He offered interested persons of a place both in the Federation Council, and in the State Duma at more modest price - for 150 - 200 thousand dollars have been withdrawn From the malefactor not considered forms with facsimile signatures of councillors of Federation, officials of various level, and also the form and the certificate of the general of the Cossack armies.