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Astronomers NASA have predicted collision of three galaxies

Astronomers NASA predict collision of three galaxies one of which will be the Milky Way where there is our Solar system. About it writes Daily Mail.
However, there will be this collision only through 4 mlrd years. The Milky Way will face Andromedy next by a fog and less massive galaxy of the Triangle. Still through 2 mlrd years of a galaxy should merge, having formed new space object.
prevents this process can nothing - in this area of the Universe there are other objects, no more massive, than approaching galaxies. As a result of collision there will be a new galaxy of the elliptic form.
the Earth and Solar system thus will not be destroyed also to mankind threatens nothing, if it, of course, can live till that time. The probability of collision of our planet with objects from a fog of Andromedy is, but it is insignificant is small, scientists underline.
As a result of merge of galaxies the distance between stars will change, on - to another the star sky will look.
according to astronomers NASA, the fog of Andromedy comes nearer to the Milky Way for the speed over 400 thousand in km/ ch. At such speed it is possible to reach, for example, in an hour from the Earth the Moon.