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Belt, corner, fist: VTSIOM has published a rating of children`s punishments

Most less often modern parents punish the child a belt and deprivation of pocket money - 23 % and 17 %. Such data is resulted in the research spent by the All-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM), published today in Day of protection of children.
it is thus noticed that, as a rule, parents apply the same methods of education which faced in the childhood to children. So, if in a corner of children put on the average 43 % of parents, among those who was punished by parents in the childhood, such 64 %. Corporal punishments are less often applied - they are applied only by 33 % interrogated. Most a bright example - deprivation of pocket money: such measure is applied by 23 % of the interrogated parents and 51 those % whom so punished in the childhood.
it is interesting that the previous generation of Russians appeared in a corner is much more often: to 56 % of adult population applied this measure of punishment. As much percent of parents of Russians applied to them corporal punishments.
the majority of the specified educational measures were more often applied to a man`s part of the interrogated: so, men more often than women inform that parents stood them in the corner (60 % against 52 % accordingly), applied corporal punishments (51 % against 43 %), punished a belt (43 % against 26 %), deprived of pocket money (31 % against 21 %).
Initiative All-Russia poll has been spent VTSIOM 26 - on May, 27th 2012. 1,6 thousand persons in 138 settlements in 46 areas, edges and republics of Russia are interrogated. The statistical error does not exceed 3,4 %.